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To the Editor,
I feel compelled to write to express my feelings in regard to the upcoming Carrollton Exempted Village School District emergency operating levy that will be on the May ballot for voters to consider. I have been an employee of this school district for 22 years. I have been a substitute teacher, a Third Grade teacher, and a principal in three buildings within the district.

I have had an “inside view” of the things that our school district has faced and the things that the school district has accomplished for some time now. During those years, I have experienced many times the wonder of a child who is learning something new, the pride of a parent who has been able to help a child learn, and the intense satisfaction of a teacher who knows that he or she has helped a family move with greater success toward the future. I have worked very closely with students and parents. I know what it’s like to be a member of a strong team that surrounds children and supports their success. As a principal, I have worked very closely with teachers, aides, tutors, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, cooks, substitute personnel, and fondly, foster grandparents.

I have been inspired by staff members and volunteers who are devoted and child-centered. I have noted the many hours beyond the school day that have been spent by parents, educators, and support personnel, all to help the children in our schools find success.

I have talked with former students who are realizing their career dreams. I have listened to former students who are involved in important careers that benefit society, where they are connecting with people every day, giving of themselves, and working to better the world around them. We live in a world that is increasingly self-centered. In Carroll County, though, we live in a place that is surrounded by and uplifted by volunteers and caring people. We feel the effects of people who think about others. Knowing so many families and citizens in our county, I respect the opinions and positions of others deeply. Raising five children, I felt the effects of often not having enough. I feel strongly, though, that our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that not only have we done our part to support our fellow man, but also that we’ve done our part to support the most vulnerable in our midst – our children and young people.

I have seen many cuts made to district personnel in all areas for a number of years now. These were deep cuts made with very qualified people, but they were needed cuts to keep our school district sound financially. The emergency operating levy is a necessary step, given the extensive cuts already made and the loss of needed funds from the state. We need to be able to serve our students, academically, emotionally, and socially. We need to keep our district buildings safe and our outstanding academics secure. In a world where so much is currently at stake, it’s important to remember that so much more is truly possible when we all come together for children.

Please consider the levy request, the cost that would be necessary to support it, and the minimum number of years that the levy would cover. When each person does what he or she can do, the effect is very great, much more than dollars and cents. I am reminded every day of the powerful things that can happen in the lives of our children when everyone is involved.

Christina Hull
Principal, Augusta Elementary


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