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To the Editor:
Wow! And wow again! What an awesome summer we had this year at the library and on the bookmobile. Our theme was ‘Dream Big...Read!’ and we all pledged to read more, to stay up late reading, make up excuses to read and even read to our brothers and sisters! We read stories about dreamers, animals, fireworks, worms and crazy creatures and absolutely defeated the ‘Big Summer Brain Drain’!

Again, we have so many people to thank. Everyone is so willing to donate whatever we need to help make this summer program such a success. John Schaffer once again kicked us off in style with his funny, crazy, amazing music. It wouldn’t be Summer Reading kick-off without him! McDonald’s is always so generous to us, giving us hundreds of cheeseburgers, French fries and Happy Meals. We absolutely could not have the World Famous Worm Races or the thrilling Library Bingo without them. Lunch at the Library and on the Bookmobile was a huge success with parents and patrons donating so much food. We fed over 200 kids and adults and a good time was had by all! Dr. Carl Winters taught us how to take good care of our teeth and about his quest to become a dentist. The Army Corps of Engineers came to teach us about boating safety. How much fun - and scary - was it trying to get into our life jackets when the boat was sinking? Curt Hensley and Rich Moyer shared amazing information with us about space, the planets and our solar system...it’s really big! Chris Shroyer, our “Not-So-Mad-Scientist” and her wonderful assistants Mackenzie, Nicholas and Anne, showed us how to make shake-em-up ice-cream! Yum! It was great and messy! Just the way we like it!

Officer Paul Miller was a star. He told us all about his dream to be a policeman and what it takes to become one. He told us his favorite parts of being a policeman and then he let us all climb into the Police cruiser and hit the siren! Wooo! Bluebird Music Campers came and performed for us to the kids’ total delight! Dulcimers, recorders, guitars and clogging! So much talent! Ginny Grisez was so very patient with us, teaching us to crochet! I think most of us finally got it!

A big thank you goes to all the wonderful patrons who donated Legos for our new Lego Club. We’ve had a ball, creating all sorts of things and our local Lego Master, Elijah Lutton, brought in and talked about his Lego Star Wars Death Star with over 3,000 pieces! Wow!! Thanks, also, to Richard and Grace Hughes for letting me ‘pick their very knowledgeable brains’ about Legos!

The wonderfully talented Madison Yockey kicked off our Guest Reader program for the 6th straight year! She is such a gifted and enthusiastic reader and has inspired so many younger readers. Kyleigh Ash, Jessi Cramer, Grace Hughes, Shyanne Kirkpatrick, Haley McDonald and Skye Meek were all great Guest Readers and very entertaining! The multi-talented Max Vincent read to us and entertained us, singing and playing his guitar! Fun, fun, fun!

The amazing Nancy Owen from Turtle Springs Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital was here, sharing her beautiful bat Echo and her barred, barn and screech owls. She also let us dissect owl pellets and reassemble the small bones to determine what the owls had for supper! Cool! The very lovely (and brave) Alicia came too. We really love them!

Gionino’s Pizza and Crossroads Pizza were more than generous with donations of party pizzas and made our ‘Big End Of Summer Blow Out,’ a blast with a pizza party!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We had our amazing team of ‘Four Funny Fantastic Fabulous Grandmas’ again this year! Ethel Katoll, Merna Nelson, Miriam (Mimi) Alexander and Kate Finnicum counted, cut, cleaned and cooked! They make us look good and organized and are so much fun to work with! Legend Schaffer was our amazing library volunteer again. He ran errands, set up tables, did crafts and anything else we needed and he, too, was very fun to work with!

Finally, a big “Thank You” to all the parents, grandparents and other wonderfully generous library and bookmobile friends who brought kids in all summer! You bought bags, donated books, money and food and so much more! Thank you, thank you thank you! We are truly blessed to live in a community that cares so much and gives so much to their library! Thank you and have an awesome day!

Marcia Schaffer, Ruth Warrington
David Garrett and Cindy Ray
Carroll County District Library staff


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