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To the Editor:
Sporting clay enthusiasts are the most inconsiderate of all sporting people. They come from miles away and shoot in residential areas where families live. They do not shoot in their own neighborhoods.

Guns being fired seven days a week, morning till night. Where do they think the noise goes? They really do not care. I am referring to the Upland Valley Shooting Clays range near Dellroy. There is a school, three churches and many homes located less than a half mile from the shooting range. Some are even 50-100 feet away.

These are mostly professional people shooting. It is hard to believe these people just do not care. There are thousands of acres in Carroll County away from residential areas where sporting clay shooting can be enjoyed. The noise lowers property values and more important are the health consequences from the continuous loud firing noise. Plus, the high blood pressure created from the stress of the noise.

They will not shoot in their own neighborhoods. Of course not! They do not care about anyone else. People going to church, kids on the playground and people just relaxing around their homes continuously hear the shooting from the range. Who wants to have a family gathering outside or inside with the continuous sound of gunfire?

Pete Vega
Dellroy, OH


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