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To the Editor:
I am publicly calling for the resignation of Prosecuting Attorney Donald R. Burns, as counsel for the Lee Township Trustees, as it is now a breach of fiduciary.

I am further calling for the public resignation of Trustee Walters for breaching the United States Constitution, as an officer of government.

Said group of Trustees have acted in bad faith, and created more of a liability for said Township, than a mere group of people using a public (and I stress the world public) park.

The public park is a meeting place, without restraint.  See the United States Constitution and any rulings with the first amendment associated with public park use, as a meeting ground.

Review its Fourteenth Amendment of Due Process depriving citizens of the rights of life, liberty and property.

And see the Ohio Constitution as well (which I have witnessed being breached, but won’t waste my words here; I’m not going to do your work as a lawyer for you, which I started, turning a 4-page letter into a ten page.)

The Trustees have created an issue, where none exists.

Sunday’s display of arrogance, by said Trustees, is why I am calling for Mr. Burns’s resignation as their counsel.

I arrived at our budding Harlem Harvest Market, held Sundays in the Harlem Springs Park, and spoke with the crowd of vendors, regarding the Trustees desire to force us to sign an agreement for park use, an agreement thrust on me this past Thursday, not this past Tuesday at the public Trustee meeting I attended.

An elderly lady, in her seventies, who has been part of the farmer’s market for years, stated she received a call, the evening before this event, telling her not to show up - because the Trustees were going to show up to shut us down.  She said the call was anonymous.  I told her to contact her phone company.  The call is a display of abuse, and a threat.  (I will not tolerate the sixties southern display of thuggery.)

After about a half hour discussion, said Trustees did appear.

I stated the reasons for not tolerating the vendors to sign this form, as it is more burdensome and discriminating to us, as a user group, while I do not see it protecting the Trustees in the manner they are asking because it merely says “Lee Township,” no wording of officers, Trustees or explanation of what Lee Township is.  We are merely assuming it means Lee Township Government.

Then, I inquired of Trustee Fisher, of the Church’s prior and annual use of said same park, ice cream social, held on the same piece of public property, about six weeks earlier.  Did the Trustees force them to sign any agreement?  His reply, “Don’t go there.”  I said, “I am.”  He replied, “No.”

No signage has ever attempted to prevent certain persons from using it.

It was donated by Isaac Wiggins, founder of Harlem Springs, to the village of Harlem Springs.  When the village lost its charter in the late 1800s to early 1900s, the State of Ohio assumed responsibility.  The State of Ohio no longer desired responsibility, and passed the park into the duties of said Trustees.

My actions at first, were in good faith, stating to Trustee Fisher and Noble, on Thursday’s meeting between the three of us, in said park, they appear to be creating a liability, where they have no duty, and by attempting to assume such, where no duty exists, would create a duty by foreseeability.

Mr. Burns, there are only four people who could possibly know that the Trustees would show up “to throw us out,” which was passed on to a vendor as a threat not to show, to wound people emotionally, harass, and wound them financially.

That is abuse.  No one - no one is entitled to threaten or harass people.

You are the people’s prosecutor, foremost; And now you find yourself in a situation, where your clients, albeit government officials, are acting like thugs.

They are still citizens who can be prosecuted for breaking the law.
Trustee Walters resignation:  I attended said Trustees regular monthly meeting to discuss a continued pattern use of said common grounds.  Mr. Walters launched an angry and short outburst.  First stating that “it was God’s day.”  (If God rested on the Seventh day, one would worship on Saturday; the common public and world calendar, states the seventh day is Saturday, not Sunday).

At said Tuesday meeting, I retaliated with “I believe in separation of Church and State.”  I did not long stay, as it was clear from the attitude, no one had an interest in supporting these people, or this event.  They speak words of support, but their action states different.

This was  a simple scenario.  It was a market to revitalize the area of Harlem Springs.  Something local, with offshoots of entertainment planned.  For a small donation or fee next year, said money would have been put back into the assets of the park, for all to enjoy, without the burden of taxpayer expenditure.  This is a win-win situation.  The citizens of Lee Township and the village of Harlem Springs have something to be proud about.

The funding of the park, the Trustees don’t want to accept.  They state they can accept the plantings, if people plant them.  I see no difference.  The exchange of labor and material is the same as money donated without labor.

I told my vendor group, a wrong analogy, that I should learn to employ the adage:  “You catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.”

Wrong because such methods employ use that is more burdensome, rather than employ the mind to resolve the situation more simply; Thus the use of the employed mind, or invention, is why man prefers the flyswatter.

I did not ask to create an American Gothic meets Tiananmen Square.  Like prior use, gave the Trustees prior knowledge, combined with their choice to selectively discriminate at will.  I anticipated that said Trustees, as residents, would be proud to have something positive building in their community.

Government works for people-or against.  And it is the will of the individual and the group associated with, and the political parties that band together to separate - that determines such.

Vote for independents, whose sole concern is the people, not a select group of user rights.

Ann Yeager
Harlem Springs


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