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To the Editor:
I’m writing about a variety of political issues.
People need to vote for President Obama because we certainly don’t want this country turning into a complete disaster with Mitt Romney.

On the Brown Local school levy, people need to bite the bullet now or pay all the $24 million eventually or have the state come in and take over. Yes, the money they have should have been spent on new classrooms instead of a new gym and yes, I believe there has been too much butt-kissing going on in the athletic department and the same people being here year after year, but I’m still going to vote for the levy. The people at the school need to take pay cut or freeze but the people who can afford to pay taxes and complain about it willingly give more money to pro sporting events. We’ve got our priorities backwards in this country. Vote yes for the kids.

Regarding the race for Carroll County Sheriff, I believe Mr. Williams needs to be replaced as well as most of his deputies. Mr. Stanbro can accomplish more because of his experience in Canton and we haven’t even made a dent in the drug program in our area. It’s more widespread than people think.
I don’t think Malvern needs a police levy so it can become a speed trap once again. If the mayor and council want more money, they can incorporate Colfor into the village.

Original thinking isn’t big city government. How else do you explain changing Dancing on the Bridge into Drunk on the Bridge? Does Malvern really want to be known for its alcoholism?

Joe B. Columbo
Malvern, OH


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