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To the Editor:
My husband and I are long distance, lifetime members of the Carroll County Humane Society, but due to a lack of correspondence on their part, I have chosen this venue to vent my outrage at some of the current events involving them.

We are no longer big contributors. After repeated requests for shelter status updates and a financial statement, I chose to do my part by paying for spays and neuters in the Carrollton/Kilgore area.

The last correspondence I had from the Humane Society was an acknowledgement of my March 2010, contribution. That acknowledgement was not signed, but stated they were in the process of compiling a financial report and I would receive a newsletter soon. I’m still waiting. Further contributions were never acknowledged. It is not my meager contributions I am concerned about. It is the fact that at one time, there was over $140,000 in a shelter fund, which I believe was largely from the Harry and Edito Mizer and the Velma Griffin estates. I’ve read letters to the editor, heard things back and forth and it appears the Humane Society does not intend to build a shelter. I understand the Humane Society contributed $50,000 to the Carroll County Animal Protection League, a group that is pretty much bent on building the much-needed animal shelter for Carroll County.  I was pleased, although I still question to the other $100,000. Now I heard the Carroll County Animal Protection League was unable to fulfill their commitment to build a shelter in the time allotted by the Humane Society and the money was taken back.

This matter was heavy on my mind when I read in the paper about the abandoned cats in Minerva and the Carroll County Humane Society investigator saying the Humane Society “couldn’t do anything!” They are the Humane Society, right? How inhumane does it have to get before they can do something? Shirl Berry is a paid investigator; paid to investigate cruelty. Is not numerous cats abandoned and left to starve in a home not cruelty to animals? It seems the Carroll County Animal Protection League, made up entirely of volunteers, was able to do something.

This is why I have ceased to contribute to the Humane Society. I do not feel they are being good stewards of the money given to them by well-meaning people in the community who think they are doing something for the greater good of the animals. They are a non-profit organization. Their actions and the use of funds should be above board and open to the public. Contributions are to used where earmarked. Members and contributors deserve and explanation.

Su Arnold
Melbourne, FL     


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