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To the Editor:
It was with great sadness, dismay and disgust that, while watching the Democratic National Convention, I saw approximately half the delegates vote “No” to reinstating God and Jerusalem to the content of their platform. After three unsuccessful attempts to get a majority affirmative vote, the chairman simply declared the motion passed – at which point he was soundly booed. Who would have ever believed we would hear God and Jerusalem booed by supposed political representatives of this country?

To those of you who believe Obamacare to be a good thing, ask your doctor what he/she thinks of it. Read the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report released Sept. 20, 2012, stating that by 2016, the middle class will be taxed or penalized $6.9 billion (an average of $1,200 per family annually) to help pay for Obamacare. All the hidden taxes included in this bill are carefully constructed not to appear until after the election…and there will be many. There will be no more privacy between the doctor and patient and there will be rationing with treatment decisions made by a board of political appointees in Washington. Is this really what you want?

You must vote Nov. 6 to turn our direction around. As you ponder your vote and appreciate the fact you still have the right to vote, please ask yourself the following questions:
1. Why are gun sales booming in this country now?

2. Why is Obama gutting our military with billions in cuts? The next proposed cut will reduce the Navy to its size in 1917.

3. Why is Biden crowing that “they saved GM” when in actuality they stole it from the stockholders, gave it to the unions and it’s now a parasite on us, the taxpayers? How long can GM continue to build the Volt and sell it for half its cost?

4. If, as she says, truth matters to Mrs. Obama, why was her convention speech full of lies about their humble beginnings? They paid $227,500 for a condo in 1993 and later, $1.6 million for a mansion in Chicago. We know Romney earned his wealth by creating companies such as Staples. Who, or what supported Obama?

5. Why do new medical questionnaires (required by Obamacare) include the question, “Do you have any guns in your home?” What does that have to do with health?

6. Why is Obama harping on Romney’s tax returns when Obama has diligently hidden his college records and transcripts? What is he hiding?

7. Is it possible the Middle East is burning as a result of Obama’s inept, naive or by design, policy toward radical Islam by apologizing, showing weakness and tolerance of their ideals?

8. Why did Valerie Jarrett (Obaman’s right hand in the White House) have more taxpayer-paid security while on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard than our ambassador in Libya on 9/11?

Mary Ann Marshall
Carrollton, OH


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