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To the Editor:
In 2010, President Obama fulfilled a promise to reform our broken health care system by signing into law the Affordable Health Care Act to strengthen health insurance for everyone and ensure millions of Americans they can find affordable and quality health care. That’s the name of the program. It’s not “Obamacare,” except, of course, to those who like to demonize everything the Obama administration stands for.

It seems strange to me that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney thought a mandate to buy health insurance was just what the people of Massachusetts needed when he was their governor. But he quickly fell right in step with Republican politicians in Congress who tried unsuccessfully to block passage of the first meaningful reform of health care in America in the past 50 years. Do you remember what he said? Here is it: “If I’m elected president, I will repeal Obamacare and I’ll kill it dead.”

But just a few days ago, in an interview after the Republican convention in Florida, Romney changed his tune and said there really were some good parts of the Affordable Health Care Act he would keep. Once again, however, the Republican candidate provided little details on what those “good parts” were and explain why he had changed his mind. And then, his staff spoke up and tried to spin Governor Romney’s praise for parts of the first meaningful reform of health care in America in the past 50 years. Aren’t you confused? If I were thinking about voting Republican, I surely would be.

Judy Libbey
Minerva, OH


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