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To the Editor:
I recently had the opportunity to read The Free Press Standard’s Aug. 30 edition. In the paper, an article caught my attention with great interest and hope a walking trail would be coming to Carroll County. As I began to read the first few words of the article, I was shocked to see the reporter state there were people who expressed concerns about the proposed idea.

As I continued down a little further in the article, I located this paragraph: “Several made comments about their discomfort with people they don’t know walking through their neighborhoods, about increased thefts and night parties along the trail. One man suggested the residents know how to get from one community to another and don’t need a trail to take them.”

After reading this in the paper, I found these comments to be unjustified and I would like to explain.

First: I cannot understand how someone can forsee something into increased theft and night parties along the trails. Where do these people get this information and their facts to back this statement to be said at a public meting?

Second: I reside in Carrollton and have been for the past nine years. I am a person who likes to walk along a county road to enjoy nature and keep fit. I recently purchased a Mountain Bike to ride and to keep fit as well. With this bike, I will have to venture off to the Conotton Creek Trail in Harrison County or to Jefferson State Lake in Jefferson County because there is no bike or walking trails in Carroll County. As far as I know, there has been no big thefts or parties at these areas.

Third: In the article, there was a comment mad by a man about the bike path along Lodge Rd. who stated, “There is already a bike path along the road and it would keep out of the residential neighborhoods. It’s a five-mile stretch to the red light at SR 212.” I plan on using this bike path along Lodge Rd. to ride my bike and stop over at the Bedrock Rd. springs to get some water and enjoy the nature view at Atwood Lake.

Fourth: For anyone who read the on-line version of the paper, you would have seen several readers leaving comments. The very first comment was from someone who named themselves “Mr. Opinion.” He wrote: “People complain about Chesapeake and Rex Energy tearing stuff up. Now they complain about a harmless walking trail. People want change but I think they like the complaining more than anything else. I wish I had a walking trail close to me instead of the constant vehicle traffic you have to avoid along the roads.”

Fifth: I hope no one thinks of me as a stranger in their neighborhood when I come to Dellroy to enjoy the bike path along Lodge Rd., stop and view the Osprey and other God-given scenery at Atwood Lake or stop and get some Bedrock Rd. spring water. Carroll County operates on both property tax money and money generated by tourism. I do not live in the Dellroy or Sherrodsville area, but I do live in Carroll County and I strongly support the proposed bike and walking trail in Carroll County.

Edward L. Hale
Carrollton, OH


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