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To the Editor:
I wish to make a suggestion to Carroll County Commissioners in regards to the Atwood Lodge. Take it. Then contact Mr. Meeske and ask if he is still interested in bringing the lodge back to life.

I feel he has done his homework, studies and due diligence and knows the lodge is a viable property and can be a producing resort and bonus to our area. He and the group he formed, TREC-Atwood, would run the lodge in a manner that would serve us all, in jobs, additional business for local shops and, right now, the support for the people doing research in the county for the gas leases.

While I know not everyone would like to see the lodge become a private concern and, in that vein, I would suggest the commissioners make a workable contract with Mr. Meeske. Retaining the property but allowing Mr. Meeske to run it as a true business, not the slap-dash operations the MWCD encouraged. This could work in conjunction with Kent State and their hospitality program and become a win-win for all of us.

Carroll County is a beautiful area and has a lot to offer when it comes to rest and relaxation. The lakes, countryside and rural atmosphere all go into making this a great place to vacation but only when we can offer the best in amenities such as the lodge. And if local officials are encouraged to make use of the facility instead of discouraged as under the MWCD, there should be a very strong year round business structure and therefore tax base.

In summary, this is an opportunity that needs to be moved on now and get the lodge back open if for no other reason but to accommodate the people who need to be the area to work, whether for the gas and oild leases or the Great Trail Festival or the upcoming Atwood Festival and others.

Please do not waste this opportunity.

Jane C. Grezlik
Leavittsville, OH


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