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To the Editor:
On July 21, we held a reunion of local musicians at Atwood Yacht Club. What began as a dream of Tom’s turned into a reality for close to 1,000 attendees, which included 100 musicians, their families and hundreds of friends and fans who simply love music. Some walked from their homes to listen, others traveled from Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania and the Carolinas. We thank all of these die-hard fans.

Preparing for an event of this size is no easy task. Thank God for the help and devotion our friends and family offered. Our great ticket sellers were Brenda Leggett, Barb Truman and Jeanine Day. Our tickets were designed and created by Barb Peterson. We thank you all.

Donating prizes to be given out during the event were the CHS FFA (Advisor Adam Ziadeh), CHS Band (Director Dave Dickerhoof), CHS Football (Coach Eric McCort), CHS Wresting (Coach Ken Pasiuk), CHS Ladies Basketball (Coach Craig Rodgers) and CHS Athletic Department (Athletic Director Mark Spears). The generosity of these coaches and advisors sets a wonderful example for the students who look at them as role models. We thank you.

We thank Donnie Borland of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District for his help, Connie Trushel from the Advertising Department of The Free Press Standard (FPS) for her support, The FPS for the article written about the event, Carroll County Commissioners for allowing us to use their property for excess parking and Ken and Colleen Joseph of EMT Ambulance who donated an emergency squad for the day. We thank you.

When you take on an event as large as this for the first time, there are always those who doubt you can pull it off and those who hope you fail. This could have never happened with the superb help we had on the event day. At the last minute, a few folks we were counting on for help backed out so, of course, our dear friends and children stepped in to help. Brenda Leggett, Debbie Burrier and Jessica Shortland were great at the entrance area. Bob Tipton could sell ice to an Eskimo. Brian Newbold helped with equipment and sound. We love you all and thank you.

Lou Young, Atwood Yacht Club commodore, was our greatest supporter and backed us up from the day we decided to hold the event at the club. Dick Mertes was our second greatest supporter. Since we were able to listen to the music by beautiful Atwood Lake, our day was made even better.

Norma Campbell, club manager, and Clara Huffman, beverage specialist, were delights to work with and helped us plan for months. Tim and Linda Kamerer, Kathy Schmidt and Gary and Bobbi Jones of the Sailing Fleet and Auxiliary fed the crowd all day and all night and sold shirts. Our pontoon fleet, led by Denny Snyder, manned the beer wagon. Jeff Schmidt did a little bit of everything and seemed to be in two places at once. These great club members gave us the help we needed and peace of mind knowing the jobs were being done right. We thank you.

Adam Newbold of ATG Worldwide of Lisbon and his staff provided outstanding security. Jim Snyder of Wooster blended the music perfectly with the sound system. Brad Barker recorded the event and will have DVDs in the future. Sheriff Dale Williams was there throughout the day. Rick Stork of Stork Film Designs of Wooster and his staff were there all day gathering footage for documentary he is making about the event. Rick Leggett of Rick and Nevada Leggett Party Planning provided the lighting for the tents. Parking was expertly handled by Dave Householder, chief of parking, and Jim McLain, his assistant. Lynn and Doug Noble ran two shuttles all day transporting folks from here to there. We thank you.
Most of all, we’d like to offer a heartfelt thanks to the wives, partners, children and families of the musicians for the time they gave up for practices. The end result was well worth it just by looking at the faces on stage – sheer joy. We love you, appreciate you and thank you!

Tom and Barb Newbold
Carrollton, OH   


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