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To the Editor:
Brown Local Schools will have a bond issue and levy on the Aug. 6 special election ballot. I’d like to share a few reasons why I believe passage of the levy is essential. Our school holds our community together and establishes our identity. Our children deserve our help with providing them with a safe place to learn and a school they can be proud of. A new building will provide a great learning environment and allow our children to share in the technological advancements in education that many neighboring school districts now have.
Our county is undergoing rapid changes due to the development of shale gas. When businesses look to locate in any community, one of the first things they look at is the school system. We have an obligation to meet the needs of our changing community. A new school would enhance our students’ learning experience and also allow them to excel.

Our students are our future. We have a great tradition of excellence and we cannot afford to let this opportunity pass. By passing this bond issue, we can take advantage of state grant money and make certain our tax dollars stay here and are invested in our community. Please join me and vote “yes” for the Brown Local School bond issue and levy and ensure a bright future for our students and our community.

Alese Wise
Malvern, OH


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