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Dear Carroll County Residents,
Passion is defined as “intense enthusiasm: a strong liking or enthusiasm for a subject or activity”

What are YOU passionate about? What makes YOU tick?
As we are embarking on change and new challenges not only throughout the nation in relation to the economy and funding, but also in Carroll County, it opens the door for new opportunities. The opportunities are not only for the community at large, but for our children. We are right now in the transition period of such change in relation to school funding and our school’s economic viability. This period requires us to call our community to action to help the school through this period of time. We are hopeful that the longer term opportunities and sustainability of them are on the horizon. That is why we are asking the community to support for the first time, since 1977, a short term emergency tax levy for our schools.

This leads back to my original question. What are YOU passionate about? What makes YOU tick?

Is it education and life-long learning? Your support will keep our academic programs strong with a great team of professionals to continue teaching, busing, mentoring, maintaining our current buildings, and supporting the everyday functions of running a school system. This will prepare our children to go on to pursue whatever career choice they so choose whether it be a trade, vocation, military service, college, and life in general.

Is it your health and wellbeing? Your support will help keep programs in the schools for kids to continue to learn about healthy lifestyles including diet and exercise.

Is it basketball, football, baseball, softball, wrestling, track, cross country, golf, soccer or any other sport that you like to go watch locally or that is on TV? Your support will help keep the athletic program going strong in our community for our kids who may someday go on to be one of those professional athletes.
Is it music, art, speech or drama? We have a wonderful band, choir, speech, drama, and art program that our children participate and thrive in that your support would keep strong and alive for our students.

Is it agriculture/farming/environmental? Your support would help continue to fund our Future Farmers of America (FFA) program and teach students about caring for our land, environment, and community.

Is it law enforcement, military, safety and security? Your support would help continue the ROTC program in our school.

Is it a specific trade or vocation such as electrical, plumbing, auto mechanics, welding, machine trade, cosmetology, healthcare, dental hygiene, just to name a few? You fill in the blank of what you are passionate about vocationally. Your support would help a child fulfill their dream to become someone just like you! It would keep our affiliation with Buckeye Joint Vocational School strong and alive.
Is it spiritual and emotional? Your support will help sustain the many staff positions in the school district that work with our students on a daily basis and impact them on this level. We have both experienced and also seen other types of tragedies in schools that require counseling and support for our kids during difficult times. You may also not know that there are groups of students who are forming youth groups and bible studies in the evenings at each other’s homes outside of school.

I could go on… but I think you get the point by now. Please step up and support the levy for the children in our community. They are the future and supporting the levy will keep the core basics of a school system intact and YOUR passion alive!

Thank you in advance for your support

Wendy Gotschall
Mother first, school board member second
Carrollton, OH


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