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To the Editor:
I’m quite displeased with all the news coverage concerning Medicaid and John Kasich’s Job Budget 2.0 because it accuses him of expanding Obamcare in Ohio. This is not true.

Governor Kasich already blocked Obamacare from entering Ohio last year when he said Ohio wouldn’t pay for Obamacare’s healthcare exchanges. This would have cost Ohio families millions.

John Kasich isn’t expanding Medicaid in Ohio, he’s reforming it by reducing out-of-control growth to the program. The bottom line is that Obamacare is still the law of the land.

Kasich’s new Jobs Budget 2.0 reconciles many of the deficiencies Medicaid is traditionally known for. Nationally, fraud accounts for 10 percent of health care waste. Under the new budget, Ohio increases Medicaid’s auditing capacity to stop fraud and abuse. This will improve Ohio’s ability to recover payments when someone has no other insurance coverage.

Ohio is not heaven and it’s frustrating when people pretend it should be. Our elected leaders still have a lot of work to do and Governor Kasich’s Jobs Budget 2.0 deserves our support.

George Keyser
Carrollton, OH


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