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To the Editor:
Since so many young people are being killed by gang members, drive-by shootings, drug-related acts and since so many kids disrespect their parents and others, and since parents can’t correct their kids without breaking the law, maybe the draft should be reinstated to get these people off the streets and have the military correct the problem.

Of course, that should include everyone at age 18. That way everybody is fighting for our country instead of the poor fighting for the rich. No exceptions, unless you are badly handicapped. It’s kind of mass punishment for the action of few out of millions; something like how we are treating gun owners now. Of course I know this won’t happen, after all during the Civil War, the rich were able to buy their kids out of the draft with $300. Now days, with inflation, it will cost a little more with that little loophole for the wealthy. Elections are being bought; millions are spent on them; we have people losing everything due to no fault of their own and homelessness is a national disgrace. Seems like no one cares until it happens to them. I think a lot of the homeless people probably didn’t care until they lost their job, went through a foreclosure, had high health care bills or some misfortune happen to them.

I was in the service and kind of hated it. But it took the foolishness out of me and made me a responsible person. I received an honorable discharge and am proud of my service for my country. I got three meals a day, had a roof over my head, saw much of the world and got vacation time. I met people from all over this country and others. One thing was for sure: the military either made you or broke you. You did your job or you were in trouble.

I don’t mean to insult anyone; we need the wealthy who invest in things that create jobs, but I believe certain things shouldn’t be bought. I’m expressing my opinion while we still have freedom of speech. The things I fought for years ago, I see being destroyed by people and lawmakers. I often wonder how the people who died fighting for us would think about what is happening in our country.

Harold Shurtz
Carrollton, OH


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