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To the Editor:
I believe it’s for all gun owners in our county, state and nation to band together and put a stop to all this gun control foolishness instead of being blamed for every terrible thing that happens. It’s always the law-abiding responsible gun owners who get punished for the terrible acts of a few misfits.

It seems like when something happens where people are killed, everyone or something is fault, except the individuals themselves. When the military man killed the civilians in Afghanistan, the military wasn’t blamed it was the soldier himself. It is my understanding it was his fourth tour so, unless he volunteered, we, as a nation, do share some blame. It’s mostly the poor fighting for the wealthy.

 A drunk driver is held responsible for his/her actions and judges don’t accept any excuses. Because of a few incidents at courthouses, the masses have to pay with more security at all courts in the nation. Because of some terrorist on Sept. 11, 2001, the masses have to pay for more security. With the war on drugs and the war on crime (which has been longer than the Afghanistan war) it seems like Bush’s evil doers are winning and, of course, the masses are paying. It’s nothing more than mass punishment for the actions of a few unstable people out of millions.

I urge all law-abiding responsible gun owners to put pressure on local, state and federal government representatives to say enough is enough. We have thousands of gun laws now and don’t need to add more to the mix. I do not own an assault weapon, mostly because I have no desire and because of price, but if someone enjoys owning one and is responsible, that person should have the choice. I understand there are millions of these weapons out there. Because of a few unstable people, they want to ban them. If we let them get away with this and do nothing, what is the next firearm they will go after? I am a strong supporter of our Constitution, the First and Second Amendments and will do what I can to prevent us from losing more of our freedoms. If gun owners don’t get involved and we lost these rights, they can blame themselves. The few fighting for the majority is over; it’s going to take all gun owners in this fight.

Terrible things have always happened around the world. Back in the 1800s someone in our country set a school on fire and children died; our country attacked Iraq, killing men, women and children; our Drones filling people; Hitler banning private ownership of guns during World War II and the Jews being led like cattle for the kill. Syria right now is trying to fight a corrupt government.

Our government makes is sound like our guns are causing the problem. Until Fast and Furious came out, our government had guns cross the border on purpose so they could trace them. One ended up killing one of our own border patrol agents.

It seems like we have more crime in our country, but only our judges and law enforcement know if that’s true. I believe the police in our small towns and the county sheriff’s department all do a very good job of trying to protect us, but, of course, they can’t be everywhere all the time. Sometimes you have to depend on yourself, especially with more break-ins. There is always someone trying to take away everything you worked for: if it’s not a thief, it’s the government or healthcare system waiting for you to get sick.

I realize some readers will agree with me and others will not. All I am doing is exercising my First Amendment right to express my opinion before it is taken away. It was a terrible thing that happened in Newtown, CT, and other places across the country. I can’t imagine how much pain those parents must feel. I can imagine most parents feel the same pain if they lose a loved one, even if it’s in Iraq, Syria or somewhere else. Don’t blame the gun, blame the shooter.

Since I am a strong believer in our Second Amendment, I will do everything I can to protect it. I used to write my representative regularly and will write again. If they don’t support gun owners, they will not get my vote. I don’t hunt but have a couple firearms for my own protection. I agree with the President’s suggestion about a back ground check like the concealed carry people go through.

We the people need to make a log of changes in our country before we all go down the drain. People are losing their homes, unemployment is high, prices are going up on everything. People working low-wage jobs are having a hard time just trying to exist. One of our country’s biggest shames is the number homeless people we have due to no fault of their own and no one cares.

If we continue to lose our freedoms, at least I can say I tried. Did you? No one can change something by themselves. It takes numbers for people to listen and make changes. The governments fear their people, but in our country, we fear the government.

Harold M. Shurtz
Carrollton, OH     


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