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To the Editor:
While every day life in America is pretty darn easy and relatively safe, the reality is that things can change overnight regardless of where you live.

For example, the Los Angeles riots in 1992 when business owners were forced to defend their property from angry mobs causing severe chaos. There was $1 billion in property damage, 50 dead, 4,000 injured, 3,000 fires set and 1,100 buildings damaged. In this case, a hand-held pistol was in no way sufficient, but semi automatic rifles were.

Business owners in LA’s Korean Town knew what was coming their way so they armed themselves with shotguns and semi-automatic rifles to defend their property. Kee Whan Ha told NPR, “I didn’t see any police patrol car whatsoever. It’s an open area. It was like the Wild West in the old days; we were the only ones left.”

“Assault rifles” saved Korean Town and it’s fair to say the people holding them saved many lives that day.

Our politicians are considering banning these same weapons but failing to look at history. We had this same ban for a decade and there was no change in the crime rate. Why are we doing it again? Little attention is given to the real problem – the individual.

David Kupelian’s research, found in his books, proclaims it is simply undisputable that most perpetrators of school shootings and similar mass murders in our modern era were either on or just recently coming off psychiatric medications. So why is there so little attention to the real problem?

The leaders in the Democratic Party have always thought the Second Amendment was obsolete. Since they have no power to abolish it, they’ve decided to regulate it. Each time a tragedy happens, using the emotions of the people, they will push for more gun control. They will regulate, ban and institute controls until we have no ability to protect our families and property. We will not have the means to take back our freedoms from a tyrannical government. That’s the sole purpose of the Second Amendment.

Remember, over 99 percent of all gun crime is committed with a stolen gun. Any new controls will only affect the law abiding gun owner, not the criminal.

Randy Miller
Carrollton, OH   


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