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Editor’s Note: The FPS was asked to share the following letter with members of the community. We too, would like to join Larry McNeill in this expression of appreciation for an election that went much smoother than those in recent years.  Hats off to the Board of Elections, its employees and all those who worked diligently Nov. 2 to get the vote totals accurately and quickly.

To the Carroll County Board of Elections Members:
I have been involved in every election since the mandate of electronic voting first came out. I have been there as a Diebold and Rapp Systems employee as well as the owner of Trinity Consultants and Services. Over all the time I have been involved with the board, there have been many highs and lows for your office. There have been many issues that needed dealt with from time to time. But I believe that to be in the past.

My L&A Testing Team finished your Auto/Manual testing. Both members of my team (D.R and Daryl) commented to me just how pleasurable it was to work in the office. They are both aware of past tensions; however I was told none of that type of attitude was ever present while they were working.

As a matter of record, this has been the most stress-free election the Carroll County BOE has had since I became involved years ago. The overall attitude and the stress-less work environment was a pleasure to be part of for my team.  They came in and worked all day without any tension or conflicts.

Also, as part of the support for the Nov. 2, 2010, general election, Trinity Consultants and Services is proud to be part of the Carroll County Election Team for this recent election. People who don’t know what goes on behind the doors in the evening after the polls close should not be so fast to criticize. I know the standard of performance the board showed Tuesday night was excellence.

I think the board members, Carroll County citizens and anyone who has dealt with the BOE over the last few years should feel comfortable and reassured. They should know at this particular time, they have the best staff that has worked in this office in a long time. Everyone should be aware of the effort the staff has made to bring integrity back to this office. This staff now functions very professionally at all times. They are a compliment to Carroll County and an example of how things can be turned around when the effort is made.

My professional and personal congratulations to the present staff for all their effort. You should be proud of yourselves and your accomplishments. You are an awesome team and a pleasure to work with.

Larry McNeill
Trinity Consultants and Services 


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