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To the Editor:
Most certainly this letter is geared to Lake Mohawk property owners. However, we are all neighbors, all connected, all part of Carroll County and all part of our neighboring counties in some way, shape, or form.

Listen folks. The most important factor in making any decision is what you are making a decision on.  What are the facts?  What is the truth.  What is the deal?  What are the answers to your questions? Who are “they”? Who are “them”? Where is “where”? What are the specifics?

Certainly we property owners at Lake Mohawk have been presented with a dilemma. The good news is...someone actually told us what the dilemma is today. In 1986, the LMPOA Board of Directors did not include the very people who lived at this lake or owned property at this lake in their decision to sign an oil and gas lease changing the course of this community forever.

To compound matters, it was done for money: $3 per acre.

Today our repeating dilemma is circled by money.

Here’s the deal:  We do not know the deal. We do not know the name nor the person or the company or the section or the parameters or the specifics or the upside nor the downside or the location of whatever it is they can do anyway.

So instead of hanging our hats on “ I don’t know” answers, we need to spend our time and energy getting every specific answer to every specific question every single property owner  asks of our committee  and we need to step back and slow down and get the facts before we change this lake...yet again....for the next 25 years down the road. 

Here’s the good news: a small group of property owners are going to get the answers to your questions. The more knowledge, the clearer the picture. The more specifics, the clearer the picture. Then, and only then, can one be informed so one can make an informed decision to what may not even be a dilemma. 

If you have questions you need answers to, we will get those answers. It may or may not be easy but we will get them. Feel free to email me at strowohio@aol.com.
Please  keep in mind, we all love our lake.

Terry Vahila
Malvern. OH


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