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To the Editor:
Another school year is in full swing and we, at the Carroll County District Library in Carrollton, want to eliminate some of the problems, struggles and incidents we had last year.

Due to the close proximity to the schools, we realize we are a perfect ‘meeting place’ for kids to walk to, catch rides, etc. It is not uncommon for 60 to 80 kids to be in the library after school. The library staff cannot possibly supervise and guarantee the safety of all these children. This is where cooperation is needed. We are asking parents, grandparents and caregivers to help us avoid this type of situation.

We request parents not use the library as a substitute for regular daycare/babysitters. We love seeing the kids use the library both for research and socialization, but we just don’t have the room or resources to accommodate all of them every day.

Talk with your child about the need to be at the library every day. Set short visit limitations and, if possible, monitor library visits occasionally to observe your child. Please discuss proper library behavior with your child. During the hectic time between 2-5 p.m., seating must be used for studying, not socializing.

For safety reasons, children cannot be lingering around outside the building. The library staff wishes to provide a warm, safe environment which promotes reading, studying and learning.
Let’s work together for the benefit of all.

Ellen Finnicum
Marcia Schaffer
Children’s Librarian
Carroll County District Library


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