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To the Editor:
What is OSU Extension? It is an entitlement and yes it will increase your property taxes by 0.25 mil for each $1.00 of valuation, it amounts to 2.5 cents, per hundred dollars of valuation, for the next five years. This money is used to get matching funds from the State and Federal Government.  The county has to put up 40% of the cost to staff and run an office with the State and Federal coming up with 60%. This program up to last year was funded with money from the General Fund but, due to a lack of funds the funding was pulled.

This program differs from other entitlement programs in that it is a development program It gives those both young and older a chance to learn how to become better prepared to meet life’s challenges. The nice thing about this program is that the more people that use it the less it costs.

It teaches respect for others, yourself and your community. It instills the desire to make things better and to become more self-sufficient to become a hand not a hand-out.

Unlike school it uses the learn by doing approach, a hands-on way of learning. You get to see why it is important to be able to read, write and do math. Learning is done in many different ways; hearing you retain only about 25%, reading  you retain about 35%, seeing you retain about 45%, but by doing something you retain 65 to 85%. The old adage of teach a man to fish still holds true today.

OSU Extension is the door to all the resources, curriculum and knowledge of Ohio’s Land Grant College, Ohio State University. 4-H and the other programs will be lost to Carroll County if we do not support this levy. OSU extension has been part of Carroll County for the past several decades and has added to the county in ways most of us have come to take for granted.

Please remember to vote Nov. 2; our county depends on you.

John Gardner
Mechanicstown, OH


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