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To the Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the supporters of the Harrison Hills City School District’s Back To School Kick-Off that was held at the Barr Building at Harrison North Elementary School on Aug. 22nd. Nearly 500 students and their families attended this event and they were able to receive notebooks, paper, pencils, crayons, glue, and folders. Refreshments were provided by the school district and Cadiz McDonalds provided apple slices snack. Carnival inflatables and games were available for the students.

Sixteen community partners participated in this event and also provided school supplies and treats. The community partners were: Joseph Moriano - OSU Extension; Pam Parrish- Harrison Community Hospital; Joyce Brown - Job and Family Services; Paula Celestino- WIC; Marsha Mari-Society for Equal Access; Cortney Sproul, Help Me Grow; Sandy Yeske- Cotton Candy; Ashley Graef-Sunnyslope, Carriage Inn and Gables; Brittany Wood-Harrison Board of DD; Heather Hall-Southeastern Legal Services; Bev Statler- Harcatus Head Start; Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks; Farm Bureau; Stephanie Glimore-Tri County Help Care; Chad Conrad-American Red Cross; Crossroads Hospice; Officer Wilson and Officer Brooks-Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and Goodwill Agency.

I would like to especially thank Pam Parrish and Joyce Brown for their yearly assistance with this event. I also would like to thank the Harrison Hills School Board members, Superintendent Dr. George Ash, and the Harrison Hills staff members for their continued support of this event. This Back to School Kick-Off is truly an excellent example where the community works together to provide a wonderful event for students and families!

Dana L. Snider
Administrative Assistant
Harrison Hills City School District


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