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Letter to Editor:
I spent 30 years with the U. S. Air Force and was involved in the Vietnam, Cold and 1st Iraq Wars. I retired and chose to live in Carroll County, Ohio.
However, like all places in the world, there are unfair Ohio laws that need changed.

I chose to purchase a used vehicle to replace my old vehicle. This year I traded an $11,000 vehicle on a $21,000 used vehicle.
My state tax was over $1,300. If I had purchased a new vehicle, my tax would have been $650.

When questioning the Clerk of the Carroll Title Department about the unfair double tax, she said “there is nothing you can do about it”. I responded by saying yes I can and will contact my representative.

I decided to ask the Republican candidate for State Representative what could be done about this tax and he stated “nothing I guess.”

When I asked Mark Okey, our Ohio State Representative, he said that he has been working on a bill to change the tax, a tax on retirees and average Ohio families who cannot afford a new car but trade their cars for a used one. It is a bad tax that affects those who can least afford it.

I have been a Republican for 41 years, but this year I am voting for Mark Okey to continue as our Ohio Representative. I urge everyone to check this tax out and vote for Mark Okey and help him to end this unfair burden on Ohio families.

George Sanford,
USAF,CMSgt. (Ret)
Carrollton, OH


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