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To the Editor:
On Aug. 24 I ordered the flag on the square, the safety building and the municipal building lowered to half-staff to honor a fallen decorated military veteran and our former police chief, William Raymond McAfee.

I have since become aware that the U.S. Flag Code regulates who has the authority to order the flag flown at half-staff. They include the President of the United States, the governor of a state in specific instances and the mayor of the District of Columbia in specified instances.

That being said, I apologize to any and all who I offended with my order to fly the flag at half-staff in honor of our beloved local veteran. Please be assured my intention was pure and I meant no disrespect to our flag, our nation or our veterans.

A lesson learned from my late father is, “One of the tests of real manhood is whether one is able and willing to admit his faults and mistakes.” Whereas my intention was honorable, I admit I was in error ordering the flat flown at half-staff.

All who I offended, please forgive me. I shall not err in this matter again.

Frank Leghart
Village of Carrollton


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