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To the Editor:
In your FPS for Aug. 19, I noticed a theme of freedom. I saw these things: “The Free Press,” “the Future of Freedom” (by the editor of the Freeman magazine) and other open and free political debate on the editorial page, Spiritual freedom in Jesus Christ (as we were challenged by Seth Filburn in Steeple to Street) and “free health screening” in the lead article, which you said was “free” eight times (once, absolutely free).

Thanks for publishing all these articles and various views. I asked myself, “What was (or is) the cost for these freedoms?”

Our founders and ancestors paid with their blood and fortunes for freedom of the press and speech. For spiritual freedom, the Lord Jesus paid it all, dying on the cross for those who are His.

What about health screening? Tell me who pays for wages and food and lodging and training and fuel for the military? We might begin by asking Major General Wayt (who flew into the local airport in the Chinook, you reported) the cost of helicopter fuel and who paid for it. Also, please tell me who pays for Broadband (FPS 8/26) and where the Reinvestment Act money comes from. Could you tell the whole truth? I need to be reminded. The young need to know.

Douglas Snode
Carrollton, OH


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