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To the Editor:
WoooHooo, what a summer!  The Carroll County District Library 2011 Summer Reading program is over and what a fun summer here and on the bookmobile!  Our program theme was “One World, Many Stories” and this year we were thrilled to receive a very generous Target Early Reading Grant, which helped pay for books, incentives and other programs. 

We have so many people to thank.  The lovely and talented John Schaffer kicked us off in style again, as he has so generously done for many years with his gift of music.  He even wrote a song this year for us – Thank you!  So much fun!  Our ‘Taco-rific Lunch at the Library’ was a huge success!  Patrons and parents donated so much food, we fed almost 100 kids! We want to thank McDonald’s for their generous support. Every year, they give us hundreds of cheeseburgers, fries, and hamburger happy meals for reading incentives!  We could not have the thrilling Worm Races or play Library Bingo without them. Barbara Hunt came all the way from Alliance to perform and teach us the most amazing dances from other countries.  She is a gifted dancer!  The Army Corps of Engineers taught us water safety – in a very fun way.  Thanks to Jarrod Cramer, too, for teaching us about martial arts, specifically Tae Kwon Do!   He is a wonderful teacher and very skilled.   We wrapped up our summer with a visit from the Amazing Nancy Owen and her Amazing Birds. (And amazing Alecia, too.)  We really love them!

We had our four funny fantastic fabulous grandmas again, Ethel Katoll, Myrna Nelson, Miriam (Mimi) Alexander and Kate Finnicum.  What would we do without them? They kept us organized and made things appear to be running smoothly, even when they weren’t!  Also a big thank you to our library volunteer, Legend Schaffer.  He ran errands, set up tables, helped with crafts and anything else we needed done.

Our Guest Reader Program was back in full swing again this year!  Madison Yockey started us off as ‘Guest Reader Extraordinaire’ for the 5th straight year!  She is always entertaining to watch and listen to - such an awesome enthusiastic reader!  Kyleigh Ash came back for the 2nd year as guest reader.  She’s following Madison’s footsteps and doing great  Grace Hughes, our Worm Race winner, was a first time guest reader.  She did a wonderful job and she’s only in 1st grade!   Haley McDonald, who is not even in school yet, was also a first time guest reader and did a fantastic job!  Skye Meek finished up our guest readers with a ‘slightly scary story’ and she read it ever so ‘slightly scarily’!  We are so-o-o proud of all of our wonderful readers! 

Finally, a big thank you to all parents, grandparents and other wonderfully generous library and bookmobile friends who bought bags, donated books, money and food and so much more…thank you thank you thank you!  We are so blessed to live in a community that cares so much and gives so much to their library!  Thank you and have an awesome day!

Marcia Schaffer
Ruth Warrington
David Garret


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