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To the Editor:
Special thanks to Congressman Bob Gibbs for voting to increase the debt ceiling so the government can spend more of our money. I know you were the good ole boy pick in the Republican Party, not necessarily the best candidate. But, putting that aside, you were sent to Washington to cut spending (today’s spending, not tomorrow’s spending) not to give this administration another blank check. You are an embarrassment to the 18th District, Ohio, and our country, falling for this farce.

It is really sickening to keep hearing we need to increase the retirement age, small business/families making $250,000 are millionaires and threatening our seniors and military families with the threat of not receiving their checks.

Mr. Gibbs, why don’t you use your brain? Let’s cut Congress’ pay, increase their retirement age to… oh, I don’t know, say age 80 or so…carve Congress out of their top-notch benefit package and have you folks included in the Social Security System that Washington has used for everything but Social Security. Let’s do away with your Federal Retirement Program. That will save a bundle! How about we cut the billions we send to all these foreign countries, cut funding for ridiculous research projects and lets cut all the duplication in our government agencies. Let’s quit giving people who don’t belong in this country benefits that are ours! We are broke; remember?

Warren Buffet just said he doesn’t pay enough in taxes. Really? How stupid!

Mr. Gibbs, you need to call his bluff on this stupid statement and tell him to write a big fat check and send it in. There is nothing stopping him from being a big hero and Washington will cash it and I am sure spend it wisely, right?

Washington keeps saying everyone needs to pay their fair share. Well, let’s scrap the tax code and go the consumption tax. You’re smart Mr. Gibbs. You know everyone consumes, right? Then everyone will have skin in the game. GE and the other companies pass their taxes on to the consumer; we all know that, but everyone consumes. By going to a consumption tax, it will bring the massive underground economy into the fold as they also consume. There you go, the Revenue Generator you are looking for is right under your nose. Is your brain engaged yet Mr. Gibbs? By the way, we out here in little people land know Revenue Generator is the new buzz word for taxes. In addition to bringing the underground economy into the tax-paying world, it will also bring the Zero Liability voter into the tax-paying world. I am sure they want to pay their fair share too! The Zero Liability voter is the buzz word for the voter who pays no taxes but continues to vote for new taxes for those of us who do pay taxes.

One final note: those of us who work hard to pay our fair share did not blow the money we sent you folks in Washington. Washington blew the money and is never held accountable.

Mr. Gibbs, you are One and Done! My new buzz phrase for you for your next campaign! I will be looking for a representative who will uphold our Constitution, cut spending and balance a budget like the little people out here have to do.

Tish Menefee
Malvern, OH        


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