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To the Editor:
July 18 was eventful at Carroll Golden Age Retreat.

Midway through an indoor concert with Doug Barrick and Robyn Fairclough entertaining, a storm began to rage. Doug unplugged his music system and we all began singing old hymns in unison. Shortly thereafter, the electric power failed. Within seconds a generator took over, but among the services the alternate power provides, the elevator is not one of them. We were on the third floor!

In the absence of our superintendent, nurse Sherry Fritz took charge. Within a few short minutes the Carrollton Village Fire Department was on hand. Chief Tom Mesler, with a crew of 12 willing men, assisted 15 residents, many wheelchair dependent, down to their rooms. Aide Connie Bake was also very helpful.

The electric remained off throughout the night.

We are very grateful for the immediate and able assistance the fire department provided. Also, special thanks to Doug for his calming influence in our time of need.

Kathy Horn
Activity Director
Golden Age Retreat


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