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To the editor:
I may shoot myself in the foot over this  issue, but shoot I will.

Listen: I’m really not a Paula Deen wanna’ be; fan; groupie; follower; or cook. The only thing Paula and I have in common is butter.  How anyone can cook without butter is beyond me. Even when my Doctor told me I was going to have a major stroke if I didn’t straighten up and fly right, I  did the unthinkable and started to walk  and cut my donut intake from  8 a day down to a dumb Nutrigrain bar and introduced myself to Ms. Olive (oil) and said hello to Subway. BUT, when butter calls my name.....I’m there.

 If I had a dime for every time I said something I should not have said, I’d have a lot of money to buy more butter. If I had a dime for every time I had a biased thought or called someone  a name or made an assumption about a person that was wrong  and mean and  out of line, I would own Land O Lakes.  If I could take it back, I would take it back. If I had a dime for how many times I was wrong and mistaken and unforgiving, there would be no more dimes left.

 It’s too bad what happens in Vegas does not really stay in Vegas.  Whatever Paula said or thought  or did  years ago...is years ago. Not a single person reading this letter has not been there...done that. No sense going to church and pray for forgiveness and then come out of church and not forgive. And this comes from a person who doesn’t go to church. (There’s the shot.)

You know, we have the IRS  scarfing up our  money and tossing it away;  you got liberties being tampered with;  we have more clowns in Congress than in Barnum and Bailey;  soldiers serving and dying for all of us and when they come home ..IF they come home....they can’t get a job let alone a Paula Deen meal. And what’s the big story of the day? Paula.
 Its time to get off Paula’s back. We all sin. And we all pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off and do better the next time. Let Paula pick herself up.

 Now. Time to make green beans sauteed in diced bacon and onions topped with (you guessed it) BUTTER.

Terry Vahila
Malvern, Ohio


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