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To the Editor:
Beleaguered property owners and seniors have voted no to new school taxes. The people of Carroll County care about their kids. Before putting another levy on the ballot, please consider the following:

1. What has the current administration done to cut costs? I haven’t heard any uproar or complaining about cuts. The administration needs to begin cutting various student services as well as employees. Of course this route will cause the administration to incur wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who consider their job or certain services to be vital to the schools. Not every employee, service or program is vital to the operations of the school district. If the current superintendent wants to move forward, he needs to show voters he is willing to make the difficult decisions. Putting tax levies on the ballot is easy and expensive, but it lacks resolve and courage.

2. The second solution lies with the current teacher contract and health care coverage given to school employees. Seniors are paying hundreds of dollars extra on a monthly basis for supplemental health care plans in order to cover expenses not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Has anyone asked how much school employees pay monthly in health care premiums?

3. The oil and gas companies have not made everyone rich in Carroll County. The large majority of voters have not experienced an income boom. Seniors have seen their retirement checks shrink. Many graduates are unable to find work. Too many residents are either unemployed or underemployed. Carroll County folks have serious sacrifices and choices to make about their lives. I have yet to see the administration show sacrifice or make any hard financial decisions that are in the best interest of kids and residents.

I want the administration to show me they are making the serious choices needed to be made for our school district. The Free Press article quotes the school administration as saying they will continue down the easy path to another tax levy instead of making plans to make the cuts and sacrifices needed. Columbus has shown they will not come to the school district’s rescue. Putting another tax levy on the ballot is not the solution. Time to roll up your sleeves and make the cuts and sacrifices now instead of later.

Jerry W. Owens
Kensington, OH


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