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To the Editor:
“Carrollton High School, you do we adore.” The first line to the Alma Mater has special meaning to anyone who graduated from CHS. We do adore this school that had such a huge impact on our youth. We remember the teachers, friends, games, and countless experiences that shaped our childhood. We sometimes catch ourselves looking back and longing to return to those simpler times.
“Dear old school we love you more and more.” As we get older, we come to remember more vividly the good things about our school and our childhood, while the sour memories begin to fade away.

Over time, we realize that the tough teacher was doing their best to prepare us for an even tougher boss and that, even though it hurt at the time, the bitter breakup was for the best. Now that we are parents, we understand how hard it was for our parents to deal out the ‘tough love’ that we needed.

“Carrollton High School, may we ever stand.” These seven words have incredible meaning. We stand at our best friend’s wedding; we stand for what we believe; we stand united as a country; and as Carrollton High School graduates we stand forever “loyal, true, and faithful, to the best school in our land!”
When I consider the Alma Mater, I cannot help but to remember those people that left a mark on my life and on Carrollton itself. After all, the school and the town share a name – there is not one without the other. I think of teachers, coaches (little league and high school), scout leaders, community leaders, business people, and many others that gave of themselves so that I could have the incredible experiences I had as a child growing up in Carrollton.
I asked the staff of Carrollton High School to come up with some names of people who made a difference to them during their youth in Carrollton. The following names were mentioned: Henry Myers, George Rankin, Russell and Henry Cole, Percy McFadden, John Beck, Bill Shepherd, John Wohlwend, Butch Swinehart, Gary Henry, Nilah Ankrom, Ronn Vrabel, Kathy Stoneman, Karen Emerick, Phyllis Newell, Bill Wohlwend, Dan Kirk, Ron Hornbeck, Craig Winters, Nancy Baughman, DiAnne Buck, Ellen Dunlap, Don Rutledge, Don McBride, Harry Hill, Larry Davis, Dan Wells, Pat Roudebush, Dorothy Horrigan, George Kishman, Bill Clark, Russ McLean, Rex Henry, Harold Noble, Barry Lindner, Bob Lindenbaum, Rose Seck, Brownie Roof, Jim Stack, Lynn Noble, Julia Wyss, Tim Johnston, Ed Cavitt, Joan Anstadt, Mary Lou McClelland, Norma Rutledge, Bob Dye, Fred Boggs, Judy Capper, Curt Hensley, Sally Toot, Cynthia Yost, Mary Anna Hutchison, Marie Beadle, Miss Castor, Kathy Chain, Julie Shuman, Janet Warner, Betty Knisely, Marilou Berg, Rusty Bright, Larry Pontuti, Anna Guthrie, Lynn Dunlap…the list could go on and on.

Think about your own life and experiences. If you are from Carrollton, maybe you recognize and identify with some of these individuals. Maybe you have a totally different list. Either way, you can definitely remember those people that stood up for you and made a difference in your life. All of these individuals – the ones listed and the countless others that are on our minds – understand the concept of ‘paying forward’. They realized what had been done for them and paid that forward by giving to us. Ralph Waldo Emerson tells us that “we must pay forward because we can so seldom pay back”. He is absolutely correct. As the principal at Carrollton High School, I deliver this message to my students every chance that I get. I know that Carrollton has a rich history of pride and service and I believe it is a cornerstone to the foundation of our school and our community. On May 7, “May we ever stand” and pay forward to our future.

David L. Davis
Carrollton High School
The following staff members also signed the letter:
Lori Bryan, Kelli Pridemore,
Mark Spears, Mary Lairson,
Eric McCort, Brad Barker,
Alzana Nuzzolillo, Alice Poplin,
Lynn Poplin, W. Jason Eddy,
Leslie Lucas, Wesley Frew,
Craig Brooks, Kristin Bartlow,
Ronald Colaprete


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