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To the Editor:
President Obama made false statements in his 2013 State of the Union address. Concerning his Obama-Biden Gun-Ban Plan, he talked about “weapons of war” yet the guns he talked about are not “weapons of war.” Also, he spoke of “massive ammunition magazines” but the ones he wants to ban are not massive. Is an 11-round magazine massive?

He talked about schools being safer but none of his proposals would make any child safer. Obama seeks to ban semi-automatic firearms currently owned by millions of Americans and he calls them “weapons of war.” They fire once – only once- when the trigger is pressed. Obama has a habit of saying something that sounds acceptable but it’s not actually what he means. This is deceit!
The Affordable Care Act was supposed to drive down the price of private health insurance. In reality, because of government mandates, the price will increase 30 percent. There’s nothing free. Someone has to pay for it. Lots of companies are dropping health insurance or putting people on part time so the company doesn’t have to pay health insurance. Who can live on part time wages today?
Don’t give up any of our Constitutional rights. Of one is taken away, they won’t stop until they’re all taken. We should have learned something about this from our history lessons. Americans are coming together in masses to protect these attacks on our Constitutional rights but you won’t hear about it on Fox, CBN, MSNBC or any other networks. They’re all in Obama’s pocket so propaganda is really big these days.

Ernest Little
Carrollton, OH


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