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To the Editor:
I would like to tell you how AEP treats its customers. If you have a power surge caused by malfunctioning wiring outside your home or building, do no expect AEP to pay anything for appliances or electronics damaged as a result.

On the morning of Dec. 15, when we arrived at our Carrollton veterinary office, we found smoke and an electrical smell in the office. We had no idea what the problem was and called an electrician. After an investigation, it was discovered the problem was a bad ground between the pole and the meter. Power surge protectors, which were destroyed, saved most of the equipment, but we had about $8,000 damage.

An AEP representative assured me they do not pay for any damage inside a building regardless if it is their equipment that malfunctions. AEP originally charged me to install the underground cable and did not put it in conduit to protect the cable. Apparently, the malfunction was an act of nature. I did not notice an act of nature in Carrollton that week.

If you have an electrical malfunction outside a building that destroys any appliances or electronics, good luck if you have AEP. You are on your own.

Keith Burgett
Carrollton, OH


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