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To the Editor:
As a parent of a child with disabilities, my concern is education and free appropriate placement for special needs children in the county. Should a parent with a child with AS (Autism) attending the Virtual Academy have to sustain themselves into going out of town for their child’s books (audio)? Well, of course not. Ebooks/computers are the future for online education. Not just the future but a necessity for learning. Not an accommodation, but the tool to become successful in the education world.

How can assignments get completed if the lesson has not yet been attained? It is easier to use the word truancy than to have to track down the proper tools for improvement. Ipad’s (online books) were donated to the school this summer but are not accessible to the special children who need them. Why? Accessibility is not the technology department/lab (in school suspension for high school students) due to age and disability.

Appropriate education such as: if you are allergic to tomato soup and someone put the label chicken soup on the can, it could cause a negative effect. Categories of labels, so to speak, IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in the education world (OH, other health impairment, or ED, emotional disturbance) does matter on proper placement.

The last thing I would like to bring to light is that placement in the education system should not be denied due to the category of disability. Bullying does exist, whether it is race, religion or disability. Every child deserves to be educated free and appropriately. Autism does speak (www.AutismSpeaks.org)!

Mrs. Sherry Monk
Carrollton, OH


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