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To the Editor:
This is in reply to the three articles against President Obama.
To Irene, there are good people and bad people in every religion. It was President Obama who ordered the killing of the worst Muslim of all time, Bin Laden, and the drones have killed many of his followers.

To Ernest Little, I have yet to talk to one gun owner who thinks his rights to bear arms under the Obama administration has been eroded. Matter of fact, I have yet to hear Mitt Romney or Ryan raise that issue at all because they don’t even have proof of it. As for Fast and Furious, it was started in 2006 under the Bush administration and later in 2007 was called Project Gun Runners. Later it was named by the ATF office in Phoenix Fast and Furious. I am repulsed by the fact that anyone would think the ATF, Holder, or the President would want that tragedy to happen.

To Randy Miller, we have the high deficit because of the failed policies of the Bush Administration, which we are now finally coming out of. It is like losing weight, take it all off by starving and it comes right back, or do it slowly the right way and it stays off. As for Biden disrespecting Ryan, it doesn’t compare to the disrespect Ryan had of the soup kitchen in Youngstown barging in to clean pans for a photo opportunity.

Sally Manning
Malvern, OH


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