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To the Editor:
I would like to thank everyone who helped to make Dancing on the Bridge 2010 a great success! From the Patron Party to the bus ride, car show, vendors, kids’ activities, entertainment, beer garden, basket raffle and just general good time, everything went very well and it took a huge team to make it happen!

The Dancing on the Bridge Committee organized, planned and made decisions regarding the event. The Committee and their areas of responsibility included Basket Raffle - Angela Lambert, Beer Garden - Corey Evans, Vehicle Show - Jack Leggett, Children’s Activities - Ellen Finnicum, Entertainment - Alan Artzner, Patron Party & Recognition - JoAnne Cinson, Publicity and Chairman - Susan Joyce, Security - Steve Adams, Site - Carol Brawley & Jim Chase, Vendors & Food - Shirley Columbo, Volunteers & Website - Jeremy Grimm,  Eunice Thompson, Kathy Ritter.

Joanne and Bob Cinson held a great party for the sponsors, and the following volunteers helped out, too: Mary Jane Tarr, Trudy Gaines, Sandy & Gary Marks, Steve and Shelley Adams, Karen Jackson, Anna Miller, Tyler Jackson, Joe Tokos, Debbie Wackerly, Jane Lindeman, Dee Dee & Rod Wise, Brian, Alese & Jacob Wise, Chuck Ferrari, Donna Wey, Peggy Jocek, Cindy Tschantz, Joe Columbo, Dick Ferguson, Carol Brawley, Jim Chase, Cliff Burwell, Connie Griffin, Alan Artzner, Susan Joyce, June Martin, Spikeman. Food donors included Crossroads Pizza, Jukebox Pizza, West End Pizza, American Legion Post 375, Joe Tokos, Joanne and Bob Cinson, Malvern Tax Services and Dan Meenan of Corell’s Potato Chips.

Sponsors make the improvements to the Village of Malvern possible, and they were, by category: Slam Dunk Donors  $1,000: VFW of Minerva, Post 4120, J. Hawk Water Service LLC, S-TEK INC. / Dave LePore, Dale’s Hair Design & Dog Grooming, Carroll Family Healthcare, Inc., and Fox Auto Salvage & Parts, Inc.

Three Point Shot Donors  $500: Michael J. Hulit, DDS, Inc., Peggy Jocek, Steve & Shelley Adams, Woods Grocery, Lake Side Storage, Deckman-Bartley Funeral Home, Karen Jeske, Hohler Heating & Cooling, Joanne & Bob Cinson.

Jump Shot Donors  $250: Linda & Lee Faa, Donald LeBeau, Dean & Ruth Kocher, Colfor Manufacturing Inc., Karen & Scott Tuttle, Summit Glove Inc., Tricia Baggott & Doug Wackerly, Tom & Kathy Chain, Furey’s Chrysler, American Legion Valley Post 375, GBS Filing Solutions, Rod, DeeDee, Brian, Alese & Jake Wise, A.L.L. Electric.

Shade in the Park Sponsors  $175: Susan Joyce, Thomas R. Mertz, The Sarbach Family, G.L. Auto Glass, Rocky’s, Shirley Columbo & Family, Wagner Construction.

Free Throw Sponsors  $125: Chuck & Carol Lutton, Karen Jackson, Joe & Dee Frank, Malvern Alpha Sorosis Women’s Club, Yola Buzzelli.

Courtside Seat Patrons  $100: Ron & Pat Suciu, John & Barbara Ross, Walt Liber—Artistic Stitches, Frank & Bonnie Chiurco, Legacy Pipeline Services, LLC,  Barbara & Dean Hochstetler, John & Sherri Agler, Chuck & Kathleen Ferrari, Cibo’s Restaurant, Karen Polony, Matt & Robyn Sprague, Ted & Sandy Gahan, Carnation Electric, Ron & Carrie Myers, Rich & Katie Mutigli, Patricia Reed, Joan & Bruce Schmidt, Lorraine R. Baldwin, Alan Artzner, Ralph & Cindy Henderson, Chad & Debbie Browning, Randy & Bette Crowl, Dan Grove & Colleen Davis, Al & Barbara Donahue, West End Inn & Pizza, David & Patty Van Horn, Joe & Ann Gamber, Marie Radabaugh, Ray & Ginny Cappelli, Patricia Tierney, Joan Shubert, Kevin & Jackie Evans, Mary Ann Hays, APM-Jeff & Karen Weber, Tim & Kim Williams, Marie R. Albrecht, Bob & Marlene Crowl, Vince & Judy Palleschi, Malvern Dairy Queen, Sheckler’s Excavating, Janis Marraccini, Todd & Heather Kenny, Zak & Max Kapron, Crowl Lumber Co Inc / Crowl Interiors & Furniture, St. Francis Xavier Men’s Club, Nick & Marilyn Carter, Cedar Outdoor Furniture Inc, Luke Slabaugh, Bruce & Missy Rodgers, Kiko Auctioneers & Realtors, Ed & JoAnn Clark, Bob & Ava Clark, Elsie & Robert Borland, Tom Furey.

Tailgate Patrons  $25: Tom & Carol Ricker, Minerva Veterinary Clinic, Andrew Opritza, MD, Florence Richards, Sue Greco, Gerald Hutchison, Janet Casper, Carol Welker, Ruth Graham, Leroy Shine, Angela Lambert, Dorothy E. Brown, Jeff & Sharon Hubbartt, Pamela & James Greene, Mike & Bonnie Stich, Marilyn & Don Furey, Charles Ross, Robert T. VanSickel, Ralph & Jean LeBeau, Bill & Donna Kettering, Rita Artzner Kenny, Jane M. Phillips, Glen & Karen Clark, Bob & Rose Pierce, Traci Castellucci, Tom & Sue Clark, Dick & Jackie Contini, Vince & Dana Slabaugh, Scott & Julie Kettering, Robert & Sara Furey, Donald & Charlyn Kulla, Joe & Joanne Saboe, Mildred Pryor, Betty L. Reed, Terry & Drinda Hanni, Karen Wackerly, Cindy’s Beauty Boutique, John & Carol Scandridge, Malvern Plumbing & Heating, Roman Plumbing Company, Dick & Linda Byrd, Frances L. Montella, Dan & Joyce Sellers, June Martin, Ted & Holli Majestic, Jerry & Teri Foster, Joe Columbo, Dawn Kaufman, Rose Murray, Tom Wheaton, Jim & Cheryl Halter, JoAnn Rennie, John & Anita Tokos, Stephen C. Dowell, DDS, Dan & Terrie Artzner, Connie Griffin.

Children’s Area volunteers were Amy Matthew, staff from Hilltop Learning Center, Laura Donnelly, Jennifer Collins.  True North Church of Minerva loaned many games.

Car Show volunteers included Nancy Yeager, Alana & Kenny Evans, Vince & Dana Slabaugh, Joe Columbo, Dave Lyon, Dick Ferguson, Chance Leggett, Tom & Kathy Chain, Gary & Roberta Chilson, Nevin Crater, Michael Duncan, Joseph Dodson, Thomas Proctor, Nathaniel Nixon, John & Elizabeth Barr, Cindy & Dominick Olivito Jr., Dale & Gretchen Leonard and Darryl Bogus.

Others who volunteered, helping to make the day great were Contini Insurance, Jimmy Cinson, Josh Lipfert, Bill Meredith, Cliff Burwell, Preston Anderson, Duane Kandel, Joe Gamber, Brad & Debbie Palmer of the Minerva Community Association, and Darryl Bogus and his son.

With the generosity of local residents, we raised enough to resurface the basketball courts in the park and buy eight new trees for the park.  Thanks to everyone for great dedication and teamwork!

Susan Joyce, Dancing on the Bridge Chairman & Malvern Community Development Coordinator


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