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To the Editor:
A special thanks from Relay for Life team Pan, Thin or Hand-Tossed to everyone who supported our recent fundraisers.

Thanks to all who enjoyed a good meal at Ponderosa for our fundraiser Sept. 13, whether you live nearby or came from such places as Cadiz, New Philadelphia, Steubenville or Dillonvale. Special thanks to the lady who had eaten lunch out that day and was driving by and saw the sign advertising 10 percent of the sales that evening went to Relay for Life. This lady turned around and came in to eat out a second time that day. She even supported our raffles and candy bar sales as did many others that day.

Our winners for the event were: Katie Ott, the free basket signup for adults; Judy Rhodes, 50-50 winner; Alan Miller, the basket of goodies for kids and the basket for adults. All the kids who visited received a grab bag.

We conducted our raffle drawing Sept. 20. Winners included: David Hale, Husqvarna chain saw; Wes Frew, $50 WalMart gift card; and Jim and Kay Turvey; $25 gift certificate from Ponderosa. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets.

We are sponsoring a Premier Designs Jewelry Party Oct. 14 at the Carroll County Volunteer Fire Department at 1101 N. Lisbon St. at 6 p.m. We are looking for volunteers to help with this event. Anyone interested should call me at 330-627-7985. There are incentives for those who want to take part. There will be refreshments and door prizes at the party.

We are also looking to recruit new team members. Anyone interested should call me.

Debbie Brown
Team captain
Pan, Thin or Hand-Tossed team


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