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To the Editor:
Sometimes I wonder if the people of the county have ever passed a driving test concerning the rules of the road.

Here are some of the rules that are blatantly violated:
1. On a three-lane street, the middle lane is a left turn lane and not a merge lane.

2. At an intersection, when coming to a stop, the person to your right has the right-of-way.

3. At an intersection, when coming to a stop and you are facing someone across the street in the left lane, that vehicle has the through-traffic right-of-way.

4. When coming to a red light at an intersection, you may turn right on red after coming to a complete stop and determining no traffic is coming from your left.

Ralph L. Lloyd
Carrollton, OH

Editor’s note: And lets not forget one traffic rule that is almost never observed in downtown Carrollton – pedestrians have the right of way!


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