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To the Editor:
This letter is to beg each and every Lake Mohawk Property Owner to do their homework on the oil and gas issue and to not base a decision on what they think will happen or what they hope would happen or what their neighbor thinks or what the guy at the meeting says.  

I encourage each person to take in all of the information being spread out all over the place and then go into a corner somewhere and think about it; research it; analyze it;  and look at the downside as well as the upside. 

I understand association members get a piece of the money pie in turn for their signature.

The question becomes: what will the trade off be? What will we lose? 

I understand the quick benefit, but I don’t know the loss. I don’t know the compromise.  I don’t know the long term. People could make the argument that I’m about to become 70 years old and what the heck do I care.  But the problem is we have kids and grand kids  and property value and if we go to sell our property once we have our oil and gas money does the deal impede our property value?  Or better yet, how much do we get?   How long do we get it? Do I own the mineral rights?  Can the water be contaminated?  “Oh no,” they say, “the water won’t be contaminated.  And if it were, we would fix that problem.”   

Listen folks. Casing can be improperly installed.  Problems can occur. I personally don’t want to hear about the what “if’s”.  I don’t know what the lease will say.  I don’t know what the contractual language will say. I don’t know how this will affect my front yard. I don’t know the cost Lake Mohawk will incur just to get the legal end of it in order and even after it gets in order, I don’t know what the loopholes are.  And until I know what the deal is, I can’t put my name on the deal.

I understand the monetary importance of this issue. And for all I know, this could be a good deal.

But at this juncture too many unanswered questions remain. We all spend a long time working long hours in order to reap the benefits of this Lake and its peace and its beauty.  I love what we have. I really love drinking clean water and not sinking in my yard on the way down to the dock.  And I know some reader out there is going to say, “Gee Terry, are you nuts?”  

Could be that I am nuts.  I’ve heard that many times before. However, I like to think it’s being cautious. I believe we all need to know the language, know the facts, know the deal. We really need to know the deal. I don’t want to “pass the bill” and then read what the Bill says. I want to know the deal before we agree on the deal.

So let’s find out the nuts and bolts. Let’s try and put the great money thing aside and find out what we are getting, and not getting, for the money. Let’s see if we have any  “bad” coming our way along with the good. Let’s hold our own little group meetings.  Share thoughts; share concerns; ask questions; demand answers. After all the smoke clears, we will have made an informed decision.

Terry Vahila
Malvern, Ohio


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