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To the Editor:
I’d like to publicly show appreciation for the great kindness a local man bestowed upon our residents at the Carroll Golden Age Retreat. Thirteen residents traveled by bus and van to Walt Shaver’s Eagle Nest in Carrollton Aug. 6. Our guide and friend regaled us with fascinating stories about his wood carvings of people, animals, fish and birds throughout the park.

A blissfully green pond stocked with red, black and white fish was a favorite place to rest. (The residents are still talking about it.)

Walt’s narrative of a moonshiner named Popcorn Sutton was very informative. His recent carving of the fellow sitting on a chair, which is all in one piece, has an eagle resting on top. It is no coincidence that both bird and man have blood shot eyes!

When the temperature began to rise, a few scattered raindrops fell; just enough to cool the atmosphere, but not spoil the day. A pavilion near a trickling waterfall became the perfect spot for a refreshing treat provided by our gracious host.

Walt’s careful planning made the event memorable. It will not soon be forgotten.

Thanks also to David and Susie Frew for the second turkey they purchased for us from the Junior Fair.

Kathy Horn
Activity Director
Ollie Hawkins


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