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To the Editor:
All Carroll County officials: anger management is therapy or group to help individuals learn techniques to manager their anger. Why is it children are given medication to control their anger? Adults are referred to anger management to learn techniques. I recently learned there is nothing to help children express and learn management within the tri-county area.

Imagine baking a cake and the recipe calls for putting icing on the dessert. What would the solution be if you did not have frosting? You could make homemade icing. Yes, cheap, quick and easy. This is using the value of a dollar. A positive solution makes everyone happy. This is in comparison to juveniles with anger problems. They are now referred to the Juvenile Court system. This is not cheap or an answer; neither a solution to the problem.

Parents being threatened with jail time for failure to control a minor is unjustified. Many parents have addressed the issue, yet to be heard. I personally went directly to  other counties who have the issue with no resources.

Going by protocol parenting techniques is a short term solution because the teen eventually learns the loopholes and uses the parent’s jail threat against the parent.

Psychiatric treatment, counseling and MST Therapy are very beneficial. Now if we could just put the topping on (Anger Management for Teens), Carroll County would have a positive dessert/resource to offer.

Sherry Lee-Monk
Carrollton, OH


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