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To the Editor and fellow residents:
What has value to you?   There are so many ways that this question can be answered.  For us, the answer lies within as I’m sure it does for many of you.  Our best answer today, is a giving God, beautiful family, superb friends and compassionate, caring co-workers!  We are so blessed today to have realized that value within our lives. 

Like so many, we are living one day at a time, trying to make a difference in our own small way.   We sincerely want to THANK YOU for what you have done to help our efforts during the “1st Annual Carroll County Benefit for The Fight Against Cancer”.  So many people had worked tirelessly to make this event a huge success.  Our generous sponsors and donors were instrumental in support of our efforts.  Without them, there would not have been an event.  The generosity of many will be rewarded above and beyond our wildest dreams.  And although I’m not trying to single out one contributor over another, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask for God’s blessings for Guess Motors for support over and above anything we could have prayed for today!  Everyone was greatly appreciated and will be given a huge blessing from above for their giving hearts!

The weather was awesome and we had that “build it and they will come” attitude.  Although we built it, they did not come.  That said, WE CAME!  Our family, our friends and our co-workers gave more from the bottom of their hearts to US, simply because they wanted what we wanted, to help one person at a time.   Our vendors came, Aultman Breast Cancer, Hospice, Relay for Life, Skin n Bones, they all came! 

Kevin Sharp came and, as always, his loving heart came through, as it always has since the first time witnessed about 20 years ago!  Our goal was to support Relay for Life and our champion, Deborah Kilgore.  Well, we were a success!  We may not have reached our financial goal, but we did reach our “heart filled goal” and that is our lesson from God!  The love shown to us by all of those around us Saturday can never be surpassed by money.  One thing we do know is that we can only go up from here!

Thank you God for a blessed day filled with family and friends.  Please bless Deborah in her continued efforts to battle this horrible disease and know that we are still supporting you as we move forward.  Please say a prayer for Deborah as she is positive and prayerful regarding her future treatments and the unknown.

Thank you, Carroll County, for your love and kindness.  Next year will only be better! 

John & Sandy Wiedebusch
Carrollton, OH


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