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 To the Editor:
On behalf of the Brown Local School, I am writing this letter in support of the upcoming school levy. My name is Abagael Wood and I am a 2013 graduate of Malvern High School.

I attended Brown Local K-12 and it each year had a positive impact on my life. The school is full of staff that truly cares about each student and the education they receive. The teachers are very knowledgeable and put countless hours in making sure each student has an opportunity to succeed. Personally, I really appreciated the clubs I was able to be involved in under the guidance of the teachers. As an NHS member, I had the chance to do multiple community service projects because of my advisor. Brown Local’s foreign language teachers offer a foreign language club where the students do community service, and host the traditional international dinner. They also took the time to form honor societies for the Spanish and French students. Other teachers put a lot of time into running the student council and planning the school dances. All of the coaches put a lot of time into the student-athletes at Malvern. They strive to make sure the students do their best in the classroom and in their sport.

Malvern has had many graduates further their education and become successful. Brown Local has a lot to be proud of, but the building is not something that is bragged about. The cracks in the walls, the dullness of the lights, and the inconsistency of the room temperatures made learning a little more challenging. All of those things plus constant problems with the computers caused a lot of unnecessary frustrations and distractions. I had the great opportunity to take post-secondary classes through the University of Akron while remaining at the school, but some days I wished that I didn’t do it because I was always having problems with the technology. The problems always seemed to be on our end and I feel if we had a new school with better technology, we could avoid those interruptions while learning. During my post-secondary classes, I found it hard to concentrate because the floors are so thin that I could hear everything that was happening in the classroom above me. Having a new school would be very beneficial to the students and community of Malvern. A new building would offer a better learning environment, modern technology, and more interests to families moving into our school system.

Over the years, Brown Local Schools have worked very hard to educate their students, but they have had to sit back and watch the surrounding communities benefit from a new school. It’s time that Brown Local is rewarded for their hard work and dedication to education. As a Malvern graduate, I am proud to be a Hornet, and I hope that someday my future family will be able to benefit from a new school at Brown Local. I hope as a community, we are able to pass this levy in August!

Abagael Wood
Malvern, OH


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