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To the Editor:
The grand re-opening of the McCook House Civil War Museum and living history weekend, “A Small Town Goes to War,” was a huge success with over 1,100 people touring the museum and encampment.

The committee would like to thank the following individuals, groups and businesses because without their help, this event would never have happened: Leigh Ann Rutledge, Rom Myszynski, Gary Harris, George Payne, Richard and Kathy Small, Dr. Mandal Haas, Rev. Loomis, Rev. Doak, Hal Harsh, Robert Bruglar, Ron Kyser, Dave Lamiell, Ken Joseph and EMT, Carroll County Adult Probation Dept., Boy Scout Troop 141, Carrollton Masons, Carrollton Schools, Carroll County Historical Society, village of Carrollton, Carroll County Commissioners, Carrollton Garden Club, Suburban Garden Club, J&J Refuse, McDonald’s, The Free Press Standard, News Leader and Brace’s Inc.
Hopefully I have not missed anyone. I also want to thank the re-enactors from the local area and out of town who made the weekend a lot of fun and an educational event.

And last, but certainly not least, the person who deserves a lot of recognition and words of appreciation is Shirley Anderson, curator of the McCook House. She worked for several weeks with the assistance of some helpers to make sure the McCook House was ready to open that weekend.

Planning is already underway for the opening event for the McCook House in 2012. Anyone interested in assisting with the project should contact me at Carroll County Chamber of Commerce by calling 330-627-4811.

Amy Rutledge
Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and
Convention and Visitors Bureau 


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