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To the Editor:
The Carrollton Warrior Football team would like to thank Heritage Plastics for their outstanding donation of two V8 Vertimax machines to our program. The Vertimaz machines are designed to be the best speed and vertical jump performance trainer in the world. Vertimax is going to help give our young men a competitive edge by giving them unmatched vertical gains, maximum speed development and advanced resistance  technology training for power development.

Heritage Plastics has continued to be a staple in our community and in the development and success of our sports programs and we thank them for all they do.

We would also like to acknowledge Sheriff Dale Williams for donating paint and supplies to our program so we could remodel the football office and give players, coaching staff, parents and college recruiters a place to come together.

It is such a privilege to live in a community that cares so much for the success of the football program and is willing to invest in the lives of our young men. The Carrollton Warrior Footbal Team thanks those who are willing to go the extra mile to help us create a culture for success.

Carrollton Football Team
Eric McCort
Head coach  


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