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To the Editor:
Enough is enough. Brittany, Jack and I are very appreciative of the support Brittany received for her walk across the stage at high school graduation. That is what we wanted.

Now I hear another petition has been started for her to go to the prom.

My first thought was, “how nice,” but then I went to the petition page and was furious.

I even accidentally sent Rose Seck (Carrollton Board of Education president) an email from the site. Where did these people get their facts?

Rose Seck and the school board were behind Britta one hundred percent from the first time I met with the school board. It was Superintendent Palmer Fogler who was the problem. Instead of bashing Rose Seck, they should be thanking her for what she has done for our children. We love Rose Seck.  She has done everything humanly possible for our children the entire time she has been associated with the Carrollton Exempted Village School District.

We want this dance petition stopped. Please apologize to Rose Seck and the school board members. Put the blame where it belongs: Superintendent Fogler, Principal Dave Davis and Assistant Principal Jason Eddy.

We appreciate the support, but please, respect our wishes.

Dianna Hardesty
Carrollton, OH


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