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To the Editor
This letter is in support of Carrollton Exempted Village School District’s levy on the ballot for May 7, 2013. Carrollton Schools is asking for the voters to approve a 5.3 mill 5-year levy to deal with a budget shortfall. I completely understand revenue cuts from both Federal and State government. I also know everyone is feeling the pinch of increased gas, diesel, heating, grocery, and maintenance bills.

I personally applaud Carrollton Schools for being able to go with no local levy tax increase since 1977. I have a son who is a sophomore at Carrollton High School. My daughter graduated from Carrollton High School last year. My personal experience is Carrollton is very sound educationally. My daughter is in her second semester at Mount Union University with a grade point average of 3.6. She graduated in the top 5 of her Carrollton High School class. Carrollton did a great job preparing her for college.

I believe public education speaks a great deal about an area like Carrollton. We need to have a top-notch school especially to attract and maintain quality jobs and businesses. I have heard some exciting possibilities for our local school to address job opportunities with the gas and oil boom. I am also very pleased with the collaboration between the Carrollton Exempted Village School District and the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Carrollton Exempted Village School was awarded a school of excellence with distinction. I am glad my children attend a school with an excellence distinction. I know that on May 7, 2013 I will vote yes for keeping Carrollton Exempted Village School open and giving them the money they need to maintain a school of excellence with distinction because I want the best for my children and this community.

Matt Campbell
Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities


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