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To the Editor:
Since 1917 the Red Cross has been here in our communities.  You may not see it on a daily basis, but we are actively reaching out in Carroll County.  Last month, we celebrated Carroll County Red Cross Week with great excitement.

Our goal is to spread the word about how we help change lives in the area through our generous volunteers and donors.  We are proud to be part of a dedicated community that has their fellow neighbor in mind.

A dedicated group of volunteers with the Carroll County Advisory Council helped plan and organize the event-filled week.  We would like to thank those who helped make it all possible.  First, we sincerely appreciated the support of the Carrollton Ponderosa for Red Cross Night and Mrs. Belinda Mach and the Caring Helping Sharing Club for their efforts that evening.  Archer’s Restaurant was a big part of the successful Brown Bag Lunch event.

The staff and students at Carrollton Exempted Village and Carroll Hills schools stepped up to do awareness and fundraising activities throughout the week, too. 

We also were grateful to the Carroll County Commissioners for the Red Cross Week proclamation and for recognizing Boy Scout Troop 141 and the Dellroy Ruritans Club with the Red Cross Carroll County Impact Awards.

Our volunteers, as well, are grateful for the following organizations and businesses participating in some way: The Free Press, Department of Job and Family Service, Jobes Pharmacy, Lumber Service, Auditors Office, Recorders Office, Prosecutors Office, Probate and Juvenile courts and the Carrollton First Presbyterian Church.

Our mission is all about helping others in times of need.  If you would like to get involved by volunteering, taking a CPR class, making a donation, giving blood or getting involved with the Carroll County Advisory Council, please contact us at 330.343.8633 or Chad.Conrad@RedCross.org.  More information can also be found on www.redcross.org/mlc. 

Together, we can change lives here in our hometown.  Thank you for believing in Red Cross!

Chad Conrad
Executive Director
American Red Cross


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