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To the Editor:
The response to my last letter was amazing: from Cleveland to Marietta.
In response to numerous requests to “please keep writing”, ask yourself the following:

1. How can the President and Congress allow debilitating cuts to our military to the point that some of our soldiers in Afghanistan have been informed they will no longer be given a warm breakfast? MRE’s (canned Meals Ready to Eat) will be provided if available. This is what our leaders offer our soldiers as they prepare to spend the day risking their lives to clear roads of mines and explosives. This is shameful and disgraceful!

2. Why are our Marines degraded and insulted by being required to march in the inauguration parade with the bolts removed from their rifles? (Check pictures of the parade.)

3. Why is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stockpiling enough arms and ammunition to shoot every American six times? DHS recently placed an order for 7,000 AR 15’s and 4.5 million hollow point bullets. These are recent orders – there have been more. DHS fights no wars abroad; does not leave this country. Over the last 10 months, DHS has purchased enough bullets to wage a full scale war for almost 30 years. According to the Geneva Convention, hollow point bullets cannot be used in war, even if they were to declare war within this country. What large groups are they planning to shoot?

4. Why is there a new litmus test for promotion in our military? As reported by a former senior military leader, those who would not fire on U.S. citizens, if ordered, are being removed. Marines who answered “no” to this question are not being promoted.

5. Why is our military system being systematically eviscerated? Why are our nuclear defenses and capabilities being weakened and/or destroyed. Why are our 2nd Amendment rights being removed, gradually, piece by piece? Lose your guns, lose your liberty!

6. Does anybody remember that during one of his campaign speeches in 2008, Obama promised to create a “Civilian National Security Force” equal to or better than our military? Obama has set up a new Homeland Security Bureaucracy to operate under his personal direction. DHS is the new Civilian National Security Force. It is not here to protect us. I think it’s here to destroy Obama’s opposition, liberty and the Constitution. In Germany, it was Hitler’s Gestapo and Ss. America stepped up to save Germany, but who is left to save America?

Mary Ann Marshall
Carrollton, OH


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