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To the Editor:
Last week I read, with interest and disgust, several articles concerning the Republican State Central Committee.

Seems Kevin DeWine, party chair, is up to his usual shenanigans. He made a desperate attempt to hold onto power by changing the bylaws midstream. The committee voted in his favor 29-28 with one member abstaining and he calls this a victory! Mr. DeWine doesn’t seem to care his victory isn’t even in accordance with the bylaws, which require a majority of all 66 members. 29 is not a majority of 66.

The committee then continued this circus by voting to endorse themselves for re-election. Seems akin to electing yourself “Mother of the Year.” This vote, while seemingly comical, opens the party purse strings to fund their own campaigns. Money you and I may have donated to what we thought was “our party” is being usurped to maintain a stagnant incumbency. The mailers and robo calls insist these people are strong conservatives with Tea Party values. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This State Central Committee, which guides the party (the Dems have one too), are elected by party voters in each senatorial district. In our district -30th Senatorial – we have an opportunity to send a message that the current pseudo republicanism will no longer be tolerated. We have an excellent candidate with a proven track record of a strong work ethic, true conservative values and an unwavering commitment to the founding principles of this Grand Old Party. She is Leslie Haas and I encourage you to vote for her on March 6.

Anita Taylor White
Marietta, OH


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